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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Trend Alert

So lately I have been seeing a lot of pinafores...without things underneath it! Huh, gasp, what? Well, it's like wearing a pinafore a bit small but with tights or nothing underneath, just like a dress!

Black dress

Wear black dresses and bold shoes for a look that will make any guy cringe...then ask you out!

Alice in Wonderland

167 AUD (85 GBP) - topshop.com

78 AUD (40 GBP) - fashionright.com

273 AUD (139 GBP) - my-wardrobe.com

47 AUD ($40) - ae.com

I love this type of style, Alice in wonderland style that is! With colourful dresses, cute bags, gloves and big hats, this style is taking the world by storm!
Wear frilly blouses and blue dresses, with ankle boots and gloves. Time to get your inner fairytale...

Emma Watson photo shoot...

Yeah, a mixture of teen Vogue and Italian!

My style in 2009

Yep, here it is. No that's not me, it's just a gorgeous outfit I found by surfing the net!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Playing with my barbie dolls...

Streaks out!

Grunge princess...

I love this outfit! I would totally wear it.

I was just surfing google, and found these gorgous barbie pics.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane 2009 - Day 1