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Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Fashion...

This look can be classified as 'granny', but I classify it as totally vintage and loving it! With a high waisted skirt, a frilly top, a retro belt and some girly pink pearls, this is date ready!
This dress, I just couldn't keep my eyes off. Look at the patterns of flowers on it! This is girl century, and with a few touch-ups this can be prom ready!

This outfit is a glittery, party outfit. Sorry the camera isn't too good! Metallic tights paired with a white blouse, over a bright coloured singlet creates a girly, disco look.

This necklace and top are my fave pieces, I love the black and the hot pink together, and the chunky necklace just gives it an even more vintage look.

This is a school-girl, cute look. Pair it with knee-length socks or tights, with some ballet flats. Add a bright handbag and a long cardigan from Cotton On or Dotti.

I love this look, brown tights paired with gold ballet flats and a baggy t-shirt dress, along with a sparkly scarf as a belt, just looks really fun and girly.

I decided to raid the old, dusty suitcase downstairs to get some really interesting pieces, which I would totally wear! These clothes give a new meaning to vintage, and there are heaps of ways we can wear them!
And, seeing as though I now have a 'workshop,' meaning someplace I can design freely, I'll hopefully be posting a lot of fancy outfits like this!