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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Big is Beautiful!

There has been an outrage over a plus-size model parade at the Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival. Frankly, I'm loving it. These girls aren't even what you'd call 'fat.' But, the message is there-be proud of your body, strut your stuff, and make fashion history.
The fashion was cute, but I think the models are going to make an even more mark in the fashion industry then the clothes! With cheers from the crowd, models in sizes 14-18 (including New York-based beauty Elizabeth Green and former Biggest Loser winner Fiona Faulkiner) paraded for the plus-size retailer City Chic.
You go girls!

Amongst plenty of strapless cocktail dresses and an edgy rock-chic look, which included studded tanks and stretch mini skirts, City Chic general manager Phil Ryan managed to squeeze a few words out. "We try to showcase that size 14-plus girls in Australia can have the latest fashion in the world, to wear anywhere." Although people are worrying if it's suitable for 18-28 year olds to wear mini skirts, (duh!) Ryan said: "We put it in our stores and let the girl make that decision," he said, adding: "It's funny, if we do a skirt to the knee it doesn't sell."
The hardest part of the actual parade was finding models! Well, I just loved this catwalk, everyone was smiling and laughing and just being themselves! City Chic also has some really hot clothes as well!