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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Striaght Hair, without those annoying irons!

OK, here it is! How to get that sexy straight hair, while leaving out the damaging hair iron???????

1. Wash your hair in mid afternoon, not ever at night. Make sure to brush it well beforehand.
2. Apply shampoo on top and rinse downwards.
3. Use conditioner slowly and in moderation.
4. After you have removed all of the conditioner, rinse your hair in cold water.
5. Put a towel around your shoulders and let your hair hang around your shoulders.
6. Dry downwards, starting at the back and working forwards.
7. Dry all except the tips; this will weigh down the hair and when it finally dries, this will keep it straighter.
8. Brush your hair when it is DRY (brushing wet hair damages it!), with a solid, plastic brush.

See how easy it is? Not even ten steps!