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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Beach Hair (guaranteed to get those guy whistles!)

Beachy blond curls. Yes, we all want Ashley Simpson's luscious, natural looking waves for that day trip you're planning on taking. But, oh yeah, the problem is you actually have not the slightest idea.

Either did I, oh, of course until I worked my magic, now, this look is right at the tip of my fingers. And because of my oh so kind nature (ha!) I'm going to share.

1. Spritz your hair with a bottle of Bumble and Bumble's Surf Spray, or just create your own if the money can't exactly make itself out of your pocket. Mix warm water and a couple of tablespoons of salt into a spray bottle, after a few good shakes it will be ready.

2. If your hair is already wavy, a good sign for you, but straight hair will work as well. De-tangle your hair with a brush or comb then apply the saltwater, scrunch the waves into place and let the hair dry naturally. Continue this scrunching technique as the hair dries.

3. Once dry, add more waves if you would like with a large barrel curling iron, but be sure to wrap your hair around the barrel in opposite directions. Curly hair-doers, you can get this look also by blow drying hair, use a round brush and blow-dry your hair straight up top and into spiral waves on the bottom.

Now, don't be upset if your hair feels thick and dry, because that's the whole point of this look! This is thanks to the saltwater, I mean, what happens to your hair when you go to the beach? It doesn't come out all silky, does it?!