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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Come to Roiworld

Has anyone heard of Roiworld? Well, it's just the coolest ever Korean doll site! Use your imagination to create heaps of designs, including couples, girls, guys and much more.

I love these looks that I've created (click for a better look) I love how in Roiworld your imagination can take hold and you can create anything!

In the dark, dusty days, Roiworld used to be filled with quirky teens wearing bright coloured midriff tops, baggy jeans and fluro mini-skirts. Pale-skinned girls holding spotty umbrellas and wearing sandals and singlets are awesome, trust me, but the mighty power of the Internet is never to be dismissed. Roiworld has created a brand new site!

Yes, and now, featuring celebs galore and all new clothes, this new Roiworld is set to be the biggest fashion event on the world wide web! The new website holds skinny women wearing glittery dresses in blacks and greys and reds.

http://elouai.com/index.php Check out this site for all the latest English Roiworld, but head to http://www.roiworld.com/ for the original (in english!) Roiworld goss that will keep you on the edge of fashion! Create a profile and get started!